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Below is a list of organizations that we can recommend along the Vaal River offering all things watersports related.

Stonehaven on Vaal

Enjoy water sports on the Stonehaven’s 210 Class Bowrider speed boat that seats up to 10 passengers and is R1375.00 per hour. The Bowrider includes water sport equipment such as a snake and tube… lots of fun. Fun with a picnic!

Vaal Adventures

Vaal Adventures is one of the leading service providers in the adventure and leisure industry! With many activities to choose from such as teambuilding, white water river rafting, paintball, quadbiking, kayaking, snorkelling, raft fishing safaris and lots more. Vaal Adventures run most of the events in the Vaal triangle, Parys and all over South Africa.

Vaal adventures can organise a speed boat for an extreme tubing adventure. At the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club, you may make an appointment and book to make use of their water sport activities, as they have two speed boats. Also on offer is water skiing, tubing and wake boarding. A trained skipper will accompany you always. Bring your own equipment and you can, jet ski, wind and kite surf at your leisure.


Parys is known for being an adventure mega destination and the best place to start your adventure is with river rafting! River rafting on the Vaal is a great stepping stone in preparation for bigger rivers.
Sunwa offers a variety of day trips under the supervision of qualified and well-trained facilitators. Specially designed inflatable rafts, renowned for their safety, comfort and stability, are used for rafting. Protective headgear and personal floatation devices must be worn at all times for own safety.

River War Games

This is the most extreme paintball war game challenge that can be offered to you and your friends. This activity takes place on a dam, were each team will be provided with a 2 man inflatable raft equipped with a mount that can hold your paintball gun as well as a target at the back. “Sink” the other teams’ boat in order to score points. The war goes on until the last team is standing. The other games that can be played are :

  • S.W.A.T.
    With this activity the groups need to free as many hostages as possible without getting “killed”. The more hostages freed, the stronger your team!
  • Capture the Flag.
    Capture the flag is almost the same as S.W.A.T., but you must get the flag from the opponent’s base without being “killed” and at the same time protect your flag